As well as websites, mobile applications should also be optimized for the app store. The question is, if the application store uses different algorithms, how can you make your iPhone mobile app stand out?

In the Apple App Store, all fields are not indexed for the search engine. Here are the fields to consider:

  • Mobile App Name
  • Subtitle
  • Keyword field
  • Developer name
  • Purchases in your mobile app

It also contains promotional text that you can change at any time without submitting an upgrade. All other assets can be updated after the new build, which makes the process longer.

Promotional text

For now, this text does not affect the keyword position yet. However, the perfectly written text can no doubt help improve the conversion score. You can use them as a special offer, promotion or as a sharing of the latest news or upcoming events.


At the keyword section, enter the words that best describe your application. You can also enter synonyms. These keywords will represent the most important factor next to the app’s name. The keyword field is limited to 100 characters with spaces, so use them wisely and maximally.


Your app’s subtitle will appear above the screenshots. Also, the subtitle is limited to 30 characters. It’s really short, but depending on the power of your keyword classification, it’s the same as the title of the app. It is therefore essential that you choose the right words and use them well.

Description of the mobile application

The description is an essential part of presenting the app in the store. However, it is less important for search engines. Focus and create a great story and show the app in the best possible way. Be aware that you need to convince people to download your mobile application. We can not even more emphasise; The most crucial part of the description is the first sentence or the first three lines!

Screenshots and videos

Screenshots can be one of the most powerful weapons to convince the user to download the mobile application as they visualise your mobile app. Keep in mind that the order in which they appear is important. There are various practices that make it attractive to present your screenshots, and you have to choose the one that suits you best.

An app preview (video) is automatically played without sound when users visit your app’s website in the app store. The shots are short, so they need to be very focused on your main message. The technical specifications of the videos may vary depending on the smartphone model. Make sure you meet all the precise criteria before starting film production.