• Year: 2019
  • Role: App
  • All platforms

  • Best functionality

  • Smart design

  • User friendly

Headquartered in Podskrajnik, Fintaco provides quality accounting services. Their mission is to knowledge development in the field of accounting and tax consulting. The company takes a personal approach to customers and they are incredibly flexible. The staff is professional, having passed various exams. Fintaco’s strengths are comprehensive accounting and tax consulting solutions.


The company wanted to get a tool to offer its customers to make various informative calculations. This would give them autonomy and computation without limits. Together, we have decided to develop a mobile app that will deliver tremendous value to their customers.

Our work

The mobile app is free and available in various app stores. It contains many different functionalities that allow different calculations that are very important in the company and also for the individual. Application development is based on years of experience in accounting and application development.
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